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It took two years of incessant experimenting to achieve flawless bread and speciality bread  recipes unavailable elsewhere. The aim was to make all types gluten free bread which could be eaten and enjoyed in the same way wheat breads and pastries are enjoyed by others,  then  to get these products into Restaurants and food chains available for everyone to enjoy.. .


Gluten Free breads in supermarkets have improved dramatically over the last 24 months or so, but they still get dry quickly and don't freeze particularly well and sometimes have large air gaps in them.  Gluten free bread mixes are as expensive as purchasing a ready made loaf and the premixed cooked ingredients are not too dissimilar to the old style gluten free bread which used to be sold in supermarkets, dry, crumbly and an dominent flavour of xanthan gum.


Jane Clarke, founder of GFS was determined to devise a recipe which over came the above issues.  Existing  recipes  on the internet mostly used  premixed bread flour and lots of xantham gum, which  delivered similar results in terms of taste and density.  The xanthan gum also over powered the overall flavour. It was therefore a somewhat challenging experience as she had to start the development process from scratch.


After, many failed attempts, Jane finally devised a recipe for gluten free dough which makes incredible bread. It has the taste and texture of a normal home baked wheat loaf. When fresh, it is ideal for making sandwiches, it cuts well, freezes well, tastes great,is high in fibre, is not over sweetened, over salted nor produced with too much fat.  Best of all it contains zero xanthan gum   The recipe was then adapted to make spreciality breads such as ciabatta, baguettes, bagels, tea cakes, croissants & pizza bases etc with specular results every time.


Jane has now researched and developed over 150 unique speciality bread recipes, some of which are now scaled up commercially. GFS produces the dough which can then be baked freshly on the premises of food service establishment or instore bakeries.  Some  Illustrations of GFS breads are shown adjacent and can also be found in the photo gallery pages on this site.


The beauty of these recipes is that they contain neither wheat nor gluten yet the results taste like the best of breads so that the whole family will want to enjoy them with you. Furthermore, the savoury breads are sugar free and they also contain high amounts  of dietary roughage giving low Glycemic Index as well..


Due to clever combination of ingredients, GFS breads are both tasty and easy for our bodies to digest. Not only can they be enjoyed by the whole family, but they can be easily adapted for people with other food intolerances too  ie  wheat, lactose, nut, soy, egg and diary, vegans and diabetics.   Food service can choose from around 150 recipes to show off the huge variety to be enjoyed by both food allergy sufferers and trail blazers.




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             Making Perfect GF Breads and Pastries


* GLUTEN FREE SOLUTIONS (being true to its namesake) also produces flawless GF pastries (including choux, shortcrust, Danish and puff pastries), delicious fresh pasta, croissants, dumplings, Yorkshire puddings, pancakes & batters as well as its infamous bread recipes (see photo gallery pages 1 & 2).  

Wild Rice Rolls Brown Pitta Bread

*Unlike most other manufacturers. GFS does not use xanthan gum in their ingredients. Not only does it have zero nutritional value, it can also add a bitter taste to the recipe and for some people can also be difficult to digest.  (This is hardly surprising when just one teaspoon of gum in a glass of water will turn the liquid instantly into a gluey elastic mixture thicker than wall paper paste; which we then have to digest if added to food).


Co-inciding with the recent 89% growth of the 'free from' food industry, which in 2011 turned over in excess of £238 million (£13.9 million in bread sales alone), it is now being reported that an increasing number of people, particularly celiacs, who are more exposed to it, are now also developing  an intolerance to xanthan gum as well as the primary health ailment. .Unaware that xanthan gum is at the root of aggravated poor health symptoms,the cause can understandably be mistakenly attributed to eating gluten contaminated food or even lactose intolerance.  In fact the gum itself can actually  be the cause of the adverse digestive problems and migraines quite simply because its gluey composition is not easily digestable. Consequently, more and more Xanthan gum cases of intolerance are being reported. All GFS bread recipes are xanthan gum free.


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