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Which Foods ?

Which Foods are Gluten Free ?

Surprisingly, the list below is long as it includes all fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fish and meat and other proteins that are safe for celiacs to eat and Gluten free too.


All Rice Cheese ( except blue veined ) Milk Potatoes
All Nuts Cider Vinegar Meats ( without marinades ) Poppadoms
All Fruit Cream Most Chips ( check labels ) Pulses, beans, seeds , lentils
All Vegetables Eggs Most Indian Food ( excluding breads ) Pure Mustard Powder
Arrowroot Fish Most Thai Food Quinoa
Balsamic Vinegar Fruit Vinegars Plain Crisps / Prawn Crackers(check labels) Wine Vinegar
Butter Millet Pop Corn Yeast

Which Flours are naturally Gluten Free ?

It’s well worth keeping most if not all these flours in your food cupboard so if you want to, you can rustle together a meal at any time you want.

Brown Rice Flour White Rice Flour Coconut Flour Millet Flour Sorghum Flour
Buckwheat Flour Gram Flour ( chickpea ) Potato Flour Soy Flour
Corn Flour Maize Meal ( polenta ) Rice Flour Tapioca Flour

Which Food contains Gluten ?

Gluten is present in WHEATFLOUR and also MOST VINEGARS and these are often
added to many ready meals and also included in many recipes so they can be hidden.

Breakfast cereals Donuts Pies Semolina
Bread Egg noodles Pizza Scones
Cakes Lasagne Plain flour Spaghetti
Cannelloni Liquorice Ravioli Strong bread flour
Cous Cous Most batters Rye Waffles
Crackers Pasta Rye flour Wheat flour
Crumpets Pancakes Self raising flour Yorkshire Pudding

Many foods contain "hidden gluten" either in the main ingredients or in the sauces
added to the foods. The list below shows many of the common examples of these
and was the motivation for my supermarket campaign !

Baking powder Canned soups Most packet soups Ready meals ( check labels )
Black pudding Cheese sauce Meatballs Ready made soups ( check labels )
Blue cheese Crisps ( flavoured ) Meats for BBQ ( meat with marinade ) Rice crispies
Bolognaise sauces Dorito,s Oats Sausages
Breaded onion rings Frozen roast potatoes Pesto Stock cubes
Burgers Gravies Soy sauce Tomato ketchup
Canned beans Humous Thai sweet chilli sauce Worcester sauce

Gluten is also found in many vinegars, sauces and mayonaises , see the list below

Brown sauce Mayonaise Mushroom ketchup Plum sauce
Coleslaw Malt vinegar Salad creams Thai sweet chilli sauce
Hoisin sauce Mustards ( most ready made ) Spirit vinegar Thai dipping sauces ( check labels )

Gluten is also found in foods containing BARLEY or BARLEY MALT, see the list below

Ale Beer Most cream fillings in chocolate * Stout
Barley Lager Most fizzy drinks Turkish delight
Barley water Milk chocolate Most pick & mix sweets * check labels